Review of Religions - March 2012

The person of Christ is not only important to Christians, but is also significant to Muslims and Jews. For Christians, Easter is the most important and holiest festival of the year when Jesus(as) rose from the dead, three days after the crucifixion. They believe him to be the literal son of God, who will return at the end of times. The majority of Muslims believe that Jesus(as) was a noble Prophet of God who was neither crucified nor killed, but was raised bodily to heaven, and someone who appeared like him was crucified instead. They await Jesus’(as) descent as the Second Coming of the Messiah. Jews, on the other hand, believe that Jesus Christ(as) was a false Messiah. He was crucified on the cross, and according to Deuteronomy, one who is hanged on the cross dies an ‘accursed death,’ hence Jesus(as) could not have been the awaited Messiah. Thus, Muslims and Christians eagerly await the Second Advent of Christ, whilst Jews are still in anticipation of the first appearance of the Messiah.