Blessed and Successful European Tour

Hudhur said for the past month or so he was on a European tour of Germany, Norway, Holland and Belgium during which with the grace of God he witnessed God’s blessings every moment. Apart from the faith and sincerity of the members of the Community, better and more efforts by others to understand Islam and to improve relations with our Community were also noticeable. This is indeed through the grace of God alone that the progress of the Community is greater than our efforts. We are seeing the results of the introduction of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and through him the propagation of the true message of Islam. If all this was mere human effort, no one would notice our Community which is very small from a worldly point of view. These are the Divine proclamations being fulfilled. As the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said that God has made tremendous promises regarding our Community. He said: ‘I know that God has established this mission and it is growing and developing with His grace alone. The fact is that unless it is God’s will, a body of people cannot progress nor can it grow and develop. However, when God wills for it to be, a body of people is like seeds. Just as no one can comprehend the potential of growth in a seed and its effects before time, the progress of a nation can also be deemed impossible.’

Hudhur said ours is a Community of God. We observe God’s help and support every moment and worldly people and our detractors are ruffled by it. Enmity is intense as Hudhur has recently been drawing attention. However, as the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) informed us, it is God’s will that the Community will progress, the animosity of others will be in vain and each pious-natured person will come in the fold of Ahmadiyyat, Islam. Hudhur said as it is traditional, he would briefly relate about his tour, while detailed reports can be read in Al Fazl.
Hudhur said our Community avails of Hudhur’s tours anyway, but the outsiders who are drawn towards Islam also benefit from them. The educated people, politician and those in the government perhaps think that Ahmadis give their message for worldly advantage or to make the atmosphere better. Hudhur feels that in most places people want to hear it from him personally what Ahmadiyyat is about. Any ensuing meetings widen networks and give an opportunity to remove the misconceptions about Islam. Hudhur said he has mentioned before that the German Jama’at is making a special effort in Tabligh and interacting. As a result, our introduction and message is spreading in the German nation on a large scale. In Frankfurt young Ahmadis had organised for two university professors to meet Hudhur. The youth in Germany are greatly inclined towards Tabligh. The professors who came to see Hudhur have doctorates and teach Islamic studies at a university. They know Arabic language and have extensive knowledge of Islam. One of them has specialised in Turkish language. They talked with Hudhur about Islamic history. Hudhur suggested to them to widen their reading to historians who are perhaps not so much influenced by the Western historians, that they should look into Arabic historians and study Ahadith. Hudhur also recommended them to read the first volume of the book on the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) by Mirza Bashir Ahmad sahib that has been translated. Aside from being a biography, the book also answers many objections that are raised against Islam. Hudhur prayed that the entire book is soon translated. Hudhur has asked for the Five Volume Commentary of the Holy Qur’an as well as the first volume of the aforementioned book to be placed in the university library. Hudhur recommended MTA viewing to the professors in that many pious-natured people are finding out the true teaching of Islam through it. The professors asked Hudhur if any discussions had ever taken place between our Community and the Egyptian university Al Azhar. Hudhur told them that a discussion took place with professors of Al Azhar a few years ago. Our Arabic desk especially prepared a book to send them but their hearts are hardened. Hudhur said the discussion with the professors was lengthy and they took a positive impression.